My Literacy History By Dedrick Skinner And The Lonely Good Company Of Books

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Home is Where the Learning Starts Children start to love reading at a young age, but when reading textbooks the love for reading slowly starts to deteriorate. Most kids hate to read in school because it’s nothing they are truly interested in when in all reality children need to understand how important reading is. In the essay “My Literacy History” by Dedrick Skinner and “The Lonely Good Company of Books” by Richard Rodriguez he explains how he did not know why reading was so important, but as he grew older he understood its values. I also developed a love for books at young age when my mom began to read to me, but as I grew up I felt reading was a struggle because I didn’t understand its values like Rodriguez. Reading is an important aspect of a child’s life and it’s crucial to a student’s education and most students and parents neglect to see that reading will make a huge impact during their studies as a student.
Rodriguez grew up in a family where reading was never done for fun, rather only when necessary. When he initiated school, he felt that reading was a chore, he also felt lonely and bored …show more content…

65) in this aspect I can’t compare to Dedrick I still shared that childlike wonder in books still to this day at 19 years old. Like Rodriguez teachers would compare other students to me giving me praise for me reading efforts. I would constantly have teachers ask me to come up front and solve a problem or have me read out loud, but you would think with a kid who loved reading as much as I did I hated being called out to have everyone stare at you with such hatred as little eyes and give me an awful scowl. Rodriguez says “Reading was at best, only a chore” (294), once high school hit I began to hate reading because it was no longer a pleasure for me to read it was always read chapters 5-9 in your history text book, so reading began to become a chore and I hated every minute of

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