Why I Want To Read

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I cannot quite recall the exact time of when I first began to read, but I think it was about first grade. The first time that I enjoyed reading was when I was in third grade. The main types of reading that I do are intensive and extensive readings. Intensive reading are when I have to read a chapter or a book for a class and I need to remember what that section or book is about, usually for an exam. The other type of reading is reading books or other works for pleasure. I have never found myself skimming a book because I feel like I would lose key points and not understand the book as well as extensive reading. The only time that I would scan through a book is when I am looking for a book to read and want to see if it looks good to read. I would describe myself as an avid or active reader who loves to read for fun and during my free time. Some other things that I like to read are the Disney blogs, food/ recipe articles, and some MSN articles that I find interesting during my free time. There was a moment where it encapsulates who I was as a reader in …show more content…

It all began when I was in first grade, but enjoyed reading in third grade. The main type of reading that I like to do is extensive reading during my free time. Reading The Lightning Thief in middle school encapsulated me as an avid reader. The authors of my favorite books are Rick Riordan, James Dashner, Justin Somper, Michael Scott, and Maggie Stiefvater. The types of books that I like to read are science fiction, mystery, action and adventure, and sometimes romance. Reading has always have been for the better for me most of the time, but on a few rare occasions it was been for the worse. An important thing I have learned from reading is that it a connection between you, the author, and other readers. Over the years, I have felt that I have been growing into literacy for a while and that I have enjoyed this experience so

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