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One of my favorite memories growing up is how much time I spent reading. Whenever I got a new book I couldn 't put it down. I remember that I would always read on the bus ride home. Reading was something that I liked to do. As I’ve gotten older my choice of books has changed alot, a different genre for each of my phases. Today the books that always manage to get my attention are usually the books based on true events. My earliest memory of being read to isn’t necessarily being read to by my parents but being read to by teachers. Both my parents were always working, so they never had time to read to me. I didn’t have any older siblings to help me so when I started school, it was the first time I was exposed to reading. It’s not until I began preschool that I remember my first book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do you See? was read to me. What I remember about this book is that I liked it because not only was my first book but because it had different animals and colors. I remember sitting on the colorful carpet with my whole class as the teacher began to read it to us and soon we all eventually read it together. The school I attended had this program where I was first taught to read and write in …show more content…

I feel that I had two teachers that really made an impact on me. One of them was my speech teacher Mrs. Miers. I would see Mrs. Miers two to three times a week . And during time we would practice my english and how to pronounce my words correctly. Mrs. Miers would regularly check on me and have frequent meetings with my parents. To me this was a huge help because it was hard to be in a school that taught a language that I didn’t know. I was a fast learner and I adjusted well but without this teacher my transition would of been harder. While doing observation hours I was able to see kids that face the same struggles I once did and it’s not easy. Seeing these kids that struggle brought so many memories of my own struggles, I was able to see myself in these

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