Compare And Contrast Frederick Douglass And Malcolm X

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The ability to read and write is both creative and destructive. This ability opens your eyes to the world and how beautiful it can be. It also has the potential to destroy your entire grip on reality and expose you to the actual world you live in. It imprisons you yet, releases you from your mental confinement. Some people never escape from this confinement, some do; and those who escape sometimes go on to do great things in life. It pains me to say that I will not have the satisfaction of giving each and every one of those people who escaped or not the credit and appraisal that they so dutifully deserve. No, in this essay I will be focusing on three people, each with their own hardships and their own “imprisonments”, whether those “imprisonments” were literal or not; they deserve to be appraised. All three of these people contrast against each other greatly but, at the same time have immense comparisons. For example, all three of these people are minorities but, only two of them are male. Another example would be, all of them lived in America yet, only one of them is still alive. All three of them have had their hardships but, all three have escaped their imprisonments. …show more content…

Both of which are male and both are black, both had a visible hatred towards their oppressors (whites). Frederick Douglas was a slave who obtained the ability to read and write from various actions and events, his first grasp of this ability was when his mistress (slave owner) had decided for him to acquire this ability, while later being punished for it she became another one of his oppressors. Although Frederick’s mistress began her thrashings upon his determination to gain the power of literacy, he found other ways of gaining the power. Malcolm X obtained his literacy due to his prison confinement, and his introduction to

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