Essay On The Difference Between Frederick Douglass And Sojourner Truth

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America in the colonial era as well in the 1800’s, the country has been filled with a lot events and cultural bias. In the South, slavery has been a popular way of life for Americans for the production of cotton, corn, tobacco, and much more. Whites were owning Black men and women in order to work on the plantation as well as keeping up the Slave master’s home as well. However, as years pass by slaves started to become educated and starting to understand the terms of liberty and freedom, that America was based on these key characteristics since the foundation of the first colony of the New Land. Two of the major well known individuals, who had their message heard was Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth. Their message has changed not only the several of months and years in order help the Black community but change the path America was going and truly developed the true meaning of liberty and freedom. Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth have given speeches that helped the Black community show that they are …show more content…

However, the Black community was awaiting their Passover, in order to be liberated from their enslavement, in order to celebrate as well the nation’s independence day, as well as celebrating that they are free from any form of enslavement. Both Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth, both have addressed their communities with their ideology of enslavement and comparing the white and black. However, they have similarities within their speeches by describing and proving no matter the skin color, they are still human and have the same privileges as the white community in order to be free and be treated with the same respect. These were key influencers in order to change the way of life and liberate the black community from enslavement which their listeners were both the white and black

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