Compare And Contrast Tigris Euphrate River Valley

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In the early civilizations , government, economy, and the art culture was growing for developing countries. The Tigris and Euphrates River Valley was very similar and different from the famous Nile river valley in Egypt in many ways. Waging wars and causing trouble in paradise are not the only things that the Middle East is and was capable of.These two civilizations built the structure of autocracy, monarchy, and the artistic community, from hieroglyphics to pictographs these communities of people created things that we still use today to find out more of ancient history.The Persian chart by Ms.Dumelow’s 9th grade class explains the exact differences between the two river valleys The Nile River Valley and The Tigris Euphrates river valley.

The people of Mesopotamia ( Tigris and Euphrates River Valley), and the Nile River Valley had a very strong belief in polytheism. The belief in a religion called polytheism, or the belief of many gods not just one in particular. The Egyptians worshipped as many as 2,000 gods, but the chief god was known as Ra the sun god, …show more content…

The Nile River Valley was connected to Egypt where their system of government was a autocracy, or all of the power and responsibility directed onto one person, a Pharaoh . The Mesopotamians had a democracy of sorts, their land was divided into city-states and kings ruled each one , they were supposedly sent by the gods to be to rule each city-state. The Nile River Valley people never really had the need for trade because they had agriculture , the ability to grow and produce produce, and food, but they did trade with other civilizations for goods. Mesopotamia did not have the ability to use agriculture, and traded often Egypt was actually one of their main import nations for plants,even clothing material like silk, and most importantly spices, like cinnamon

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