The Steel Heart: The Power Of The Epics

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The sky somehow just gave ordinary people some very powerful powers. The people of the public started to call them Epics. The Epics are not very nice to the public, they started taking over everything. One of the most powerful epics took over what was once called Chicago. His name was Steel Heart, he can control more than ten men because he is so strong and he can control the elements. It was said that no bullet, no sword and no fire could ever hurt the man. A group of people named Reckners are the only ones that fight back against the Epics. David wants to join them and he has seen SteelHeart bleed. Through the experiences of a young man named David, Steel Heart accurately describes the life of David when he was young and lost his father to the 18 year old wanting to join the Reckoners and kill Epics and take down SteelHeart. …show more content…

At this time David’s father is dead by the hands of Steel Heart, he was not trying to shoot Steel Heart but the bullet grazed his cheek and it started bleeding. That made Steel Heart really mad and he killed his father and everyone in the bank that day. Expect David and he wants payback. He wants to see him bleed again, but not only that, but he wants him dead, just like how SteelHeart killed his father. “I’ve seen Steelheart bleed. And I will see him bleed again ” (p.16). This is a quote is from the book that shows you how David really wants SteelHeart dead. He wants revenge for his father and he will see it one

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