The Epic Hero Cycle Of Dante's Inferno

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Dante Hero Essay Pieces of writing are often viewed as a product of their origin time period, even in the modern day it is not uncommon to view our time plane as independent to what preceded as if we were somehow separate from every moment that came before. Instead every aspect of a story is ingrained with the message of millenniums before it, so much so the effect that the present has pales in comparison. This is present throughout Dante’s inferno written by Dante Alighieri as it is not merely a representation of the time period it originated from, rather the present represents the top of an iceberg whose very existence and stature are fully dependent on the times that preceded. This phenomenon of the past is fully present in Dante’s epic hero cycle. Dante’s resurrection reveals to be heavily influenced by the history of humankind. “My guide and I crossed over and began to mount the little known and lightless road to ascend into the shining world again” (Alighieri, 283). Dante is leaving hell to return to the light, the surface. This simple act alone is deeply rooted in the roots of society and very little in the origin time plane. Society has always been slowly evolving, and, as evolution does it promotes maximum survival. Evolution, to accomplish this established collective goals in the form of religion. With Dante’s journey through hell he examines the sins of others, these supposed wrongdoings, such as murder are overall worse for the population, causing, over time, a

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