Examples Of Human Flaws In Dante's Inferno

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Human Flaws Literature has always been used to convey ideas of the culture from religious and philosophical points of view. Dante’s Inferno gives a new thought and idea of how Christianity’s hell is set up and The Thousand and One Nights is a group of stories collected over time to by a woman trying to avoid execution. These two stories have direct correlations in explaining some religious and philosophical ideas. Although these two works pertain to very different cultures and are nurtured by different religious beliefs, the essence of the moral lesson they teach is similar. In The Thousand and One Nights, storytelling itself is one of the ways in which virtue and moral truth are taught in the book. In these stories that are told have some correlation to the culture but the main story plot is actually the most tell sign of the cultures philosophy. It shows that the men are in complete control and whatever they say goes. Dante’s Inferno is a work of art inspired by the Christian religion. Needless to say, love is essential to Christianity and it is preached in all its different forms. Dante brought his version of Hell to the world and gave us all examples of who would belong where in this “New Hell” while still giving hope, by showing us that he gets into heaven. The Hell Dante…show more content…
The God portrayed by Dante is guilty of many human flaws such as: egotism, injustice and hypocrisy. By arranging Hell to flatter himself, God commit’s the most common sin: egotism. This fault is illustrated in Limbo and on the Gate of Hell. For example, God sends those who never had the chance to worship him to hell. “…neither faithful nor unfaithful to their God,” (Norton 400). These virtuous pagans in the circle of Limbo were born before Christianity began. God projects that a life without God is equivalent to a life of sin. This was just one of many human imperfections that are throughout this
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