Theme Of Contrapasso In Dante's Inferno

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In Dante's Inferno, Dante who is main character is getting a tour of hell by his tour guide Virgil. Virgil his tour guide presents to him all the nine levels of hell, including the punishments the sinners must suffer with for all eternity. In the ninth level of hell, the worst sinners are frozen in a giant lake. The sinners are then eaten alive by whom is so called satan. According to Dante, Satan is described as “Than do the giants with those arms of his; consider now how great must that whole, which unto such a part conforms itself… O, what a marvel it appeared to me, when i beheld three faces on his head! The one on front, and that vermilion was…” (Dante's Inferno: Canto XXXIV) In other words, the theme of satan's description is an eternal punishment that will be powerful enough for the divine right. Using contrapasso, sinners must pay for the punishments in which they have committed in their lifetime. The sin will always fit the punishment. In other words, contrapasso is a reflection of the sin being punished. …show more content…

For example, many people view satan as a demonic fallen angel. However, in Dante's inferno, Satan is described as, “When I beheld three faces on his head! The one in front, and that vermilion was; Two were the others, that were joined with this above the middle part of either shoulder, and they were joined together at the chest.” (Canto XXXIV Line. 40) In addition, Lucifer is believed to be a giant with three faces on his giant head. In each mouth he is eating a sinner. To be exact, the three biggest sinners of all time. The three sinners, according to Dante are Judas, Cassius , and Brutus. These sinners are in this circle because they one

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