Religion In Dante's Inferno

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“Durante Degli Aligheries Inferno {Part of the Divine comedy} is widely regarded as the greatest poem in modern european language, its allegorical comparisons, metaphors and satirical critisism of italy in the 15th century all contribute to its level of prestige. However, what influenced Dante Aligherie to create such a masterpiece? By looking at Dante Aligheries participation in Florentine Politics and comparing it to the extensive amount of political references used in Dantes Inferno it is clear that Politics played a vital role in creating Dantes depiction of Hell. Furthermore, by examining the importance of religion in medieval Italy and Dantes connection to the church, one can easily see that Dante heavily uses religious references to the pope of the church. Finally, this essay will investigate how Dantes connection to Florentine art influenced the poems content. This essay aims to investigate the relevance of Italian 13,14 and 15th century religion, politics and art throughout Dantes inferno.

Being the most important part of daily medieval life, Religion is prone to be one of the most influential topics in Dantes Divine comedy. Catholicism ruled as the dominant religion in medieval Florence from “the late 13th to the early 14th century” (Trotter). Dantes entire depiction of hell is based on Religion, Dantes spheres of hell all reflect a certain type of sin found in the bible (Trotter). The first circle of hell is Limbo, its inhabitants are mostly people of high
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