Satan In Dante's Inferno By Dante Alighieri

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In Dante’s Inferno, Dante Alighieri's depiction of Satan at the bottom of hell reveals the theme that in Hell the punishment is always befitting of the due to the fact that the lower you go, the farther that person is from god. The picture of Satan satisfies the reader because he shows that he is the opposite of god and that he is full of evil. Lucifer is the demon in the circles of hell which he has three faces, and bat like wings in which he creates the cold wind where the sinners suffer. “The face in the middle was red, the color of anger. The face on the right was white blended with yellow, the color of impotence. The face on the left was black, the color of ignorance,” (34). Lucifer is pictured as a terrifying demon to give a better …show more content…

In Dante’s Inferno it also says, “The sinner is the middle, whose feet are sticking out of Lucifer’s mouth, is the worst human sinner of all time: Judas, who betrayed the Son of God… The other two sinners, whose top halves are sticking out of Lucifer’s mouth, are Cassius and Brutus,” (34).This shows who the three biggest sinners were and shows how the punishment is way tougher for them. Since Lucifer flaps his wings eternally and has three faces, Judas, Brutus and Cassius are placed in Satan’s mouth to be chewed on eternally. Dante feels that he has also been betrayed by these sinners so that is the way in which he has those three sinners punished eternally in hell. Dante feels that they should spend an eternity in hell due to the fact that he has been betrayed . Him being betrayed makes it the biggest punishment as where it fits contrapasso.

These insights of the bottom of hell support the theme that contrapasso is always just. The worse the sin is, the greater the punishment is. In Dante’s Inferno the worst sin was Betrayal in which the worst punishment was given. The bottom was where hell was depicted but it wasn’t full of fire as many people think. It was the opposite of fire which was ice. The point to this was to better fit the contrapasso. Hell changed so that the sinners would be farth away to god since that is what they betrayed. Dante’s depiction of hell revealed the theme that the punishments fit for every

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