The Fiftieth Gate Music Analysis

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Representations of events in the past are created through choice of historical evidence and personal memory. Factors utilised by a composer to demonstrate a purpose are consciously chosen to ensure the idolised meaning is constructed. Mark Bakers non-fiction text The Fiftieth Gate articulates the manifestations of the holocaust, contrasting historical facts with personal memory. Bakers deliberate utilisation of differing perspectives integrated throughout the text, challenges and questions the validity of both history and memory. Similarly Steve McQueen’s film 12 years a slave and Redgums song “I was only 19”, exhibit the composer’s choices of particular historical knowledge and memory, idolising the idea of selection defining perspective. McQueen and Redgum …show more content…

Mark Bakers novel the “Fiftieth Gate” conducts the collaboration of collective knowledge and personal accounts. This text effectively articulates and challenges the need for change in facts with the addition of personal accounts in order to educate the audience about the events of the holocaust. Baker’s deliberate utilisation of numerous perspectives within the text, different recollections and philosophies display the importance of both accounts and recollection in relation to the understanding of events. Reminiscently Baker’s specific inclusion of the italicised transcript “I use to play there on the hills with the sleighs..That’s where they gathered the Jews.. The Church”, integrates the notion of adding personal accounts to history. Evidently baker utilises this dialogue to embody the role personal accounts plays in authenticating collective knowledge. Historical documents and transcripts integrated throughout the text by Baker conveys the contrast between history and memory, continuing to show how they contradict one and other. Additionally Baker depicts the reliability of memory and history, “How can you be so sure? Were you there?

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