The Holocaust In The Devil's Arithmetic

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Of all the terrible events in history, the Holocaust may be the worst of them all. This tragedy was so terrible, I cannot think of the ones who instigated it as human beings. It was against many morals and standards that the world views today as common ethics. The most terrible part of this is, perhaps, how today’s new and younger generations are not sufficiently educated about this disaster. Although many younger generations do not know about the Holocaust, it’s importance should be emphasised in today’s society to learn from it, to realize that every human life is important, and to appreciate the blessings of the present day. I, like many others, did know about the events of the Holocaust for the longest time and when I did, I gained a feeling of disgust towards everything that occurred at that time. In the movie, The Devil’s Arithmetic, I gained a much larger sense of the hostile feeling that this tragedy brought on and it made me realize that this was something that is very important to know and learn about. For the …show more content…

I think that this can apply to the Holocaust. Although the Holocaust was not some minor blunder that can easily be recovered from, it is important for society as a whole to learn from what happened. It is easy to see now that it was a time in history with very low standards, and it makes me wonder what was wrong with those who enforced it. In this movie, I could not help but feel bad for those that were treated so horribly and it makes me glad that it is viewed as a horrible treatment now. Now that the Holocaust is recognized as a terrible time, it has been a foundation for how people are treated. People look back at this time in history and realize that it only brought negative feeling and emotions. Even though it may be an ugly smudge on the timeline of humanity, it cannot be forgotten and I think that learning from it has made the world better

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