Argumentative Essay: Should The Holocaust Be Taught In Schools?

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Should the Holocaust be Taught in School? The Holocaust was a tragic event that killed and scarred millions. It is of the common misconception that only Jews were scarred by The Holocaust, however, the reality is that anyone that did not fit the expectation of Hitler perceived to be of a correct breed was killed, exiled, or imprisoned. Although this was a tragic and turning point of history, many claim it should not be taught in schools. The Holocaust is a great lesson for the entire world to learn from, and particularly a lesson for the next generation to learn from the mistakes of the past and make sure that they are never repeated again (Why teach The Holocaust?). The Holocaust should be taught to students in schools because it presents decisions that, in the future, may need to be made or even ones that should not have been made, it allows students to see how history could repeat itself, and it instills a sense of appreciation for the freedoms and inclusiveness that we have in our time. …show more content…

Through studying this tragic event, the dangers of racism and prejudice will be clear. At ages most students learn about the holocaust, they struggle with loyalty, conformity, peer pressure, and belonging. The Holocaust may help teach youth to be aware of how to navigate these pressures of society and be able to make the correct decisions however difficult that may be (Why teach The Holocaust?). Stories of specific people from The Holocaust can engage students into a great lesson that they can take into their daily lives (Why teach about The

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