The Girl In The Green Sweater Summary

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The Holocaust was a big tragedy that started on January 30, 1933, and ended in 1945.These twelve years affect a lot of people around the world differently mentally, physically and emotionally. There are some people who actually went through this horrible time period and was able to tell their story and some people who left her diary behind for others to tell their story. One book I read that stood out from other books During the Holocaust was The Girl in the Green Sweater: A Life in Holocaust 's Shadow by Krystyna Chiger. The story was told by Chiger herself. The book talked about her life before, after, and during the Holocaust. The girl in the green sweater is about how 150,000 Jews were killed in 1943. Most of them were forced into ghettos and murdered. The Krystyna Chiger’s was the last group to survive. Krystyna also was known as the girl in the green sweater was the first to talk about her life in the Lvov underground sewers for fourteen months.
The story is based on a true story. Even Though the story is written and told years later she could remember what happened like it was yesterday. Chiger wrote for her and her family …show more content…

Leopold Socha who was one of the sewage workers in Lvov. He used his skills and knowledge to help people shelter during the holocaust and war. Pawel Krystyna little brother stuck together through the fourteen months underground and he depended on her protection. They also built a very tight bond and made an imaginary friend name Melek to get through this tough time. Her father Ignacy did everything he could to protect his family and others with food, shelter, and a place to hide from the Nazis. Her Mother Paulina was like any other caring mother trying to keep her family uplifted through bad times. Magdalena Socha Leopold 's wife was like a second mother she helped the Chigger family out by washing their

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