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Have you ever thought about a horrible period in time such as the Holocaust? The Holocaust was filled with unimaginable acts committed by the Nazis, to harm the Jews. The novel The Devil's Arithmetic; in fact, demonstrates these acts, and how the Jews dealt with them. In the novel, a girl named Hannah is at her family’s Seder during Passover. When she goes out the door of her grandparent's house, she finds herself in a house at a much earlier date. Eventually, Hannah is taken to a concentration camp where not only her family is sacrificed, but so is her identity.
The Devil's Arithmetic is a great presentation on how people’s identities are seized just as quickly as their family was. All people have an identity, but the Nazi’s believed otherwise. …show more content…

The Devil's Arithmetic shows how much people sacrifice for one another. One of the main parts of the book is when Hannah, the main character, sacrifices her life for Rivka, another main character. “Without thinking through the why of it, Hannah snatched the kerchief off Rivka’s head.” (p.159) This quote, said by Hannah, takes place at the end of the book, when Rivka is chosen to go to the gas chambers, but Hannah swaps spots with her. Although many deaths in the Holocaust were forced deaths, there were a lot of brave souls who sacrificed their own lives for others. Something that I took away from the book is how strong people had to be to go through that. People need to remember the Holocaust, it should never be ignored, nor neglected. The most notable part of the book is how Hannah had to adapt from being in a safe home, to a place she would have ever thought. Nevertheless, is important to understand this time period because the pain people have to go through is unimaginable, and we need to never make the same mistakes we made in the past. We need to remember that randomly, someone decided that they wanted to get rid of a whole race, for no reason. This is the proof that when Hannah is taken to the concentration camp, not only is her family taken, but so is her

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