Theme Of Remembering In The Devil's Arithmetic

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The Devil’s Arithmetic, a novel by Jane Yolen, is very inspiring to me. It explains the feelings of not only just Hannah, but many others. It lets me know that in any situation, you can always persevere. Although this book can be sad, the sadness is powerful. It takes you to a whole new perspective of the Holocaust, not just through facts, but actually living it. Hannah has to remember anything and everything. Why? Remembering is a huge part of this story and is represented largeley in many different ways. Passover is an extremely important holiday to the Jewish religion. According to Hannah’s mom, it's all about remembering. “Passover isn't about eating, Hannah. It's about remembering.” Pg.4. This quote from Hannah's mother is a huge contribution to the story. It represents what will happen to Hannah- she will learn to remember. Some of the people at camp are all about remembering. Rivka, one of Hannah’s new friends at the camp, feels very strongly that …show more content…

“Shifty- Shifre. She could remember that.” Pg. 47. But, even though they’re small details in the book, they do create a huge theme. Since remembering is a huge contribution, there are many other parts of the story where remembering is a factor. “I couldn't even remember which one is the book and which one is the movie of The Wizard Of Oz.” Pg. 51. There are tons of small things, but there is one huge example. When Hannah’s aunt Eva asks her if she remembers about what happened to her at the concentration camp, all she says is, “I remember. Oh, I remember.” Pg. 164.
In conclusion, through the story and the diction used, remembering is the theme of this whole book. This has had an absolutley huge impact on me, showing me that if I continue on without remembering, everything is lost. Those are only some of the reasons why it is important to remember anything, and everything, especially in this heart- shattering

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