The Girl Who Survived Essay

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"The Girl Who Survived" by Carol Bierman and Bronia Brandman. This book is about a family who went into hiding during the holocaust. Bronia starts of at the age of nine years old and ends up being the only one out of her family to survive. Bronia along with Mila, Mendek, and Bonzeka are the main characters in this book. The story was about the family and unsuspected new friends and what they experienced long the way. Her and her family get deported the "ghetto" because they were Jewish. There life was flipped upside down; she came from a decently wealthy bakeground. With everything going down around them it was a harsh awkening for all of them. She became a goods smuggler to help her family services. Even with all the danger and risker around …show more content…

Till the other line dispered into the gas chambers. They were now sent to though the gates to their new living conditions. They surfed through disease, malnourishment, and plenty more unspeakable things for years. Mila became ill and was transported to the sick barrack because she was no longer able to work. Bronia did not want her the go there alone even though she was not sick she still went with. That is where she met Bozenka, she was a nurse. She ended up saving Bronias life numerous times. As Mila became sicker they took her to the gas chambers. Bronia stayed behind watching her last sister being taken away. Bozenka help take care of Bronia from then on. She became friends with a few people yet those friendships did not last long. Soon Bronia number for the gas chamber came up; an air raid sounded postponing her time but not for long. It gave Bozenka enough time to convinced them to take off five number. As Bronia fights off here second round of Typhus she went into a coma. When she wakes up the war is coming to an end and the Russians are running around trying to hide to terrible things they have done. The soldiers had only one choice, move the rest of the prisoners. Bozenka

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