Elie Wiesel Chapter Summary

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Chapter one begin with mouse the Beatle is Elle spiritual advisor which they met in 1941.Elie childhood took place in Transylvania, and he had 3 sisters
By the 1942 all foreign were expelled and taken into crammed cattle. In the small ghetto there was no police or really anyone there so you were free to leave at any time. Elie told people that they were killing people in the synagogue no one believed him. his father did not want to leave because he was afraid to leave everything behind and had riches there and probably was not ready to learn another language and he was too old.1944, the red army was advancing. While in Passover the German was in power and coming into people towns 3 days and Jews was not allowed to leave there home or penalty …show more content…

They were hoping that a few of them would just be taken and that the Germans would leave. The life of delusion was what they were accustomed too and stuck in their comfort zone. The Jews was shocked that the news came that the next day they all will be forced into concertation camp. Plus, they were in their own community why would they be scared.
They had their own police force and resources. But they knew thing was going to happen. They heard false news that the red army is advancing with great strides and that Hitler would not be able to harm them. No one could believe that Hitler would be able to exterminate an entire race. The Jews was use to the Germans coming and hoping for volunteers to come and work in the coal mines. Before everyone was being taken they was told they was allowed one backpack, some food and water and clothing.
When the news came quickly that they all were going to be taken instead of leaving early and running they decided to stay. Some wanted to leave but they heard a rumor that anyone who leave will be shot. The Hungarian police made eighty people to a car and make sure the bars and gates was secure. For some reason most people had accepted their fate family’s was trying to keep their strength up and was not

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