Racism Exposed In Elie Wiesel's Night

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In Elie Wiesel's memoir Night he goes threw the holocaust and the horrible things that happened to the people in the concentration camps. Elie was a jew who lived in the town of Sighet. He was put in a ghetto at the age of 15 in the year 1944. He then spends time working hard and trying to survive for his father until the day of his father's death on january 28, 1945 just months before his liberation on April 11, 1945. In the book Night there was a lot of racism toward the jews, the disabled and others. Racism is something that's been around for many years and still hasn't changed. Many people’s lives have changed from racism but not for the better. A lesson to be learned about racism is that nothing ever comes out good about it will either hurt …show more content…

Then came the ghettos.” Elie Wiesel wrote. The separation of jews started and the racism starts but nobody realizes it. “Three days later, a new decree: every jew had to wear a yellow star. Some prominent members of the community came to consult with my father, who had connections at the upper levels of the Hungarian police; they wanted to know what he thought of the situation. My father’s view was that it was not all bleak, or perhaps he just did not want to discourage the others, to throw salt on their wounds:
“The yellow star? So what? It's not lethal....” ” his father said. There is racism all around us like for an example around last fall when there was a lot of what seemed to be racism from cops to black people or just the cop unlawfully using his power against someone. There's white people who are racist to blacks and vice versa. Cops using unlawful force against teens like when one cop tased a teen who was pulled over after the officer pulled the teen out of the car and threw him on the ground to tease him until the teen boy went into a

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