Racism In Elie Wiesel's Speech

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He was saying that he will refuse everything bad about humanity and also everything that is racist. He is repeating because he’s trying to convince the people about this and also trying to convince white people to stop being racist and all that. He just didn’t want any more violence on blacks. Also he was saying that everyone was created with equality not different. Also he was saying that it’s bad that racism is going on. He was also said that they are in the same blood. He was just saying how bad is life with racism.

In his speech he just talking about his experience when he was in the holocaust and also his depression during those times.He was also saying how cruelty is the humanity because all the violence. He was also doing this speech when Bill Clinton was president. He was using himself as third person view because he didn’t wanted the people know heh was a holocaust until the end.He was also telling the people that remember the holocaust.He did achieve with his speech because the holocaust hasn’t been forgotten .
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Also the holocaust is one of the most saddest event in WW2 because all the death. Also etho about a feeling that someone has and Elie was feeling depressed because he was separated from his family and all that. Depression is something that someone do that means that is
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