Nazi Concentration Camps During The Holocaust

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Did you know that eleven million people died in the holocaust? Six million of those people were Jews. The Jews were captured and taken to concentration camps because the Nazis simply hated them. Concentration camps were made to kill off all of the Jews. They did this because they saw them as a problem to Germany. I am researching about concentration camps. The two things that I am writing about is why concentration camps were established, and what the Nazis did to the inmates in concentration camps. The first concentration camps were set up as detention centres to stop any who opposed the Nazis. “The first concentration camps were made to detain people without trial, usually under harsh conditions.” ( The Nazis did this because they discriminate and hate the Jews. “German authorities established camps to handle the masses of people arrested as alleged subversives.” ( Germany blamed the Jews for their loss of World War I. “Concentration camps held two purposes, these purposes were to demoralize and dehumanize the prisoners.” ( The Nazis tortured them and made them break on the inside. It was sad to be taken to a concentration camp because it meant that it was the end of your life. …show more content…

“The Nazis made the Jews use soap made from human remains of the previous Holocaust victims.” ( This showed how dark the Nazis were and how broken the prisoners were, on the inside. “Because there was no clean water to drink, The Jews licked the floors after they were mopped to get a single drop of fresh water.” ( The Jews were dying of hunger and were tortured by not having enough food to eat each day. “Prisoners in concentration camps worked until they died.” ( The prisoners had to work in harsh conditions and also died from just walking to

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