Individuals During The Holocaust

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Rescue During the Holocaust millions of Jews were persecuted for multiple years for no reason. Some were worked and beaten until death. During the time of prosecution many people and countries worked hard to rescue the Jews. Individuals risked their life in order to rescue them. Millions of people died during the Holocaust. Many Individual people, groups and countries risked their lives to rescue Jews during that time. It was a time of sorrow and despair for Jews, There are numerous stories of brave people in other countries who also tried to save the Jews from perishing at the hands of the Nazis, and most individuals in occupied Europe did not actively take part in the Nazi genocide, nor did they do anything to help Jews and other victims of the Nazis. …show more content…

Many non-Jews sought to expose Hitler's plans to murder the Jews. “Individuals in every European country and from all religious backgrounds risked their lives to help Jews. Rescue efforts ranged from the isolated actions of individuals to organized networks both small and large (Holocaust Memorial Museum).” Individuals and groups who took part in the rescue of the Jews did so at a great risk to their own lives. They also endangered their families and friends in the process. “Whether they saved a thousand people or a single life, those who rescued Jews during the Holocaust demonstrated the possibility of individual choice even in extreme circumstances. These and other acts of conscience and courage, however, saved only a tiny percentage of those targeted for destruction (Holocaust Memorial Museum).” There are many stories of brave people in numerous countries who tried to save Jews from being killed by Nazis. Close to 12,000 Jewish children were rescued by religious leaders in France who found housing for them and even smuggled some into Spain and Switzerland (Holocaust Memorial

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