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Imagine being torn from your home, forced into camps, discriminated against to the extreme, separated from your family, and possibly even killed just because of your religious beliefs. Many of Europe's Jews suffered this treatment. About 5-6 million jews out of 9 million
Jews died in the holocaust. Marion Blumenthal-Lazan, was a jew who did not die. She should receive the Holocaust Medal of Honour.
She managed to stay strong when so many jews couldn't. For instance, an incident occurred where boiling hot soup spilled on Marion’s leg, burning her severely. However, this ten year old girl, who was already tremendously weak, managed to stay silent. She didn't make a sound because she could have ended up getting her and her family killed. What an …show more content…

Also, it was rather uncommon that a jew survived the mass genocide known as the
Holocaust, let alone tell their story. Marion Blumenthal-Lazan has done both of these.
Thousands of people know of her story, and shall it be known that prejudice and discrimination are dangerous inhumane acts. History more-often-than-not repeats itself, and the world will be ready to fight it when it does. People like Marion Blumenthal telling their story educates others on how to combat acts of differentiation of groups.
Some people would say that other people deserve the medal of honour, but that is false.
Marion Blumenthal-Lazan deserves the medal because she has displayed courage, perseverance, and fair judgment. Without these traits, she may not have

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