Essay On Jewish Resistance

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________________ ____ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ Working Title : Jewish Resistance: When Arms Go Up & Flags Come Down “Between 5 & 6 million Jews-out of the Jewish population of 9 million living in Europe-were killed during the holocaust.” This quote, derived and utilized in this paper from a website that is most focused upon history and its historical background and contents. The Holocaust was the mass/systematic extermination of a specific race or group of people, places, or things. The German Nazi party, which was recognized as a political party and a political movement at the time of its creation, disrespected and displayed acts of cruel and unusual punishment towards the Jewish People, and this message was spread around to the masses through multiple very calculated moves and acts of propaganda at the time, spread by ex-German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, whom of which displayed and possessed a definitive hate of the Jewish …show more content…

The last form of resistance was Spiritual Resistance. Upon viewing the title, most would associate the word “spiritual” with religious, which in most contexts are correct. But “spiritual” in this context also implies much, much more. The word “spiritual” also relates to the condition of the human spirit at all times. It is a subtle reference to the human condition as one would call it. The “Spiritual Resistors” did simple things such as maintaining their regular day to day schedule that they would’ve maintained outside the Ghetto. Some “Spiritual Resistors” simply still followed their own religious beliefs although they were specifically instructed NOT to do so. Although there is a distinct lack of significant spiritually resistant cases, this was by far the most peaceful form of resistance, and relatively unparalleled by other forms of resistance amongst Jews. V. In conclusion, the Jewish Holocaust was a horrific event that occured in German

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