Dialectical Journal For Night By Elie Wiesel

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Prologue The Holocaust was a tragedy that happened in the 1940’s . It took around 11 million lives, 6 million of them being Jews. The victims of the Holocaust went through hell. They were starved, beat, and separated from their families. It is very important that we don’t forget about the atrocities of the Holocaust because if we forget about them we are opening a pathway for another tragic event to take place. We also can’t forget the Holocaust because we should honor all the victims for their perseverance and bravery. While reading this book I had some epiphanies go through my mind as I was reading. One of the being as I was reading through chapter 3. AKiba Drumer stated “God is testing us” (Wiesel pg.45) Akiba’s statement was 100% true he was testing the Jews to see how much faith they had in him and who would give up on him and who …show more content…

This made me realize in my own life that God has been testing my faith lately, and I need to keep my faith in him and have a stronger relationship with him instead of giving up and not believing in him. Another epiphany that occured to me as I was reading was the father and son relationship that Elie and his father had. This made me realize that I need to take time to spend with my family and never leave without saying I love you and hug because we never know what could happen. All books have a theme or themes. In the book Night there are 3 main themes that sticks out to me one of them being faith. Faith is a big theme in this book the main character Elie had all the faith in the world at the beginning of the story but by the end he had lost it all. Elie’s friend AKiba drumer also had faith but when he lost it he gave up and died. Without faith it's harder to live. Another theme would be the father - son bond . The bond that Elie and his father had was unbreakable. If they wouldn’t have had each other they both probably would have died early during their experience in the

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