Holocaust Bystanders Essay

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During the Holocaust, many people suffered from the despicable actions of others. These actions were influenced by hatred, intolerance, and anti-semitic views of people. The result of such actions were the deaths of millions during the Holocaust, a devastating genocide aimed to eliminate Jews. In this tragic event, people, both initiators and bystanders, played major roles that allowed the Holocaust to continue. Bystanders during this dreadful disaster did not stand up against the Nazis and their collaborators. This action of silence encouraged more people to follow, which lead to Hitler and the Nazi Party’s rise to power without having to face formidable opposition. Following the Nazi Party’s rise to power, the Holocaust began to take form. Fueled by hatred, intolerance, and anti-semitic beliefs under Adolf Hitler’s rule, …show more content…

Using hatred as a way to rally the German population to their cause, the Nazi Party was able to advance the elimination of Jews. The anger and hate of the Jews induced fear in others who were afraid for their own safety. Fear of the Jews themselves allowed a path to anger, which would lead to hatred and the suffering of others. Yoda’s quote from Star Wars, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering” summarizes the thinking behind Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

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Intolerance is another way the Nazis justified the Holocaust. The differences between the Jewish people and the average German was pointed out with great hostility upon the rise of the Nazi Party. Intolerance can form through fear of other people or beliefs. It can result in the separation of groups of people as well as the destruction of their properties, social status, and ideas. Intolerance is the disapproval of differences in religion, actions, looks, or even social class.


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