Radioactive Boy Scout: Chapter Summary

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Carter Owen Mr. Sanders Physical Science 1 December 2015 Introduction In the book “The Radioactive Boy scout”, David is a kid who is addicted to science. He love the concept of science. He gets a job so he can buy stuff to work on science. After David has gone to far with his science, his dad forces him to join the boy scouts. Surprisingly David loves the boy scouts, but while he is in the boy scouts he still works on his science. He becomes a troop leader and learns to love the outdoors. Sometime while David is at boy scouts he will work on his science stuff. David has learned a lot about radioactivity. Even though it is very dangerous, he still wants to build a nuclear reactor. David would like to make a collection of all the radioactive elements. He also starts to research all of the incidents that have occurred with radioactive materials. This year we have learned about the elements and Physical Science. David does a lot with the elements, especially the radioactive elements. The place David works at his mom’s house is in the shed out back. He calls it his laboratory. At his mom’s house is where David does most of his major experiments. The reason that is where he does most of his work is because they let him do it and his father and stepmother don’t like him doing his experiments. He …show more content…

After going in and looking around he found a clock that he then tested with the Geiger counter and it started to click and he then bought it. He then found out that it was a radium clock and had a little vases of radium paint inside. He then took it apart and started to uses it for the radioactive material inside of the paint. When David was younger he had studied a lot about poisoning from radium paint. Some kids would paint their nails and teeth and would then inhale it and would then become contaminated and would later die of cancer or

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