David In Walking Out

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“The cabin now seemed to be the center of the boy's life. It seemed to stand halfway between this snowbound creek valley and the train station in Chicago. It would be his cabin soon” In the story “Walking Out” David, the main character, goes through a life changing from the start of the movie. In the beginning, he was quiet, jumpy, and seemed to be bored of camping and didn't really want to go, while at the end, he was calm, more composed, and had destined to survive this trip and own the cabin. In the beginning of the story, David was a timid, quiet boy who would have preferred to have stayed home with his mom in Chicago. “‘I don't want to sleep in a tent.’ He said, and his voice broke with the simple honesty of it, and his eyes glazed”(Pg 416) He says he doesn't want to sleep in a tent and begins to break down almost. On page 417, David has a conversation with his father about the trip. “‘We don't have to do anything …show more content…

He is now calm and collected, and no longer afraid, but rather almost broken. “The young woman’s face was drawn down in a shock and revealed at first nothing of friendliness. ‘We had a jeep parked somewhere, but I can't find it’ the boy said. ‘This is my father.’” He had carried his father all the way through the snowy creek, and to the man and woman's cabin. He completely ignores who the people are, but rather where is the jeep. Soon after the doctor comes, David simply acts normal, telling the doctor that he already knew that his father was dead, and had still acted like a broken puppy. In “Walking Out” David experiences an extreme challenge that completely changes him. He was once a quiet, jumpy, scared boy who never really wanted to go camping, had changed to a calm, broken person, who was emotionless about his father's death. With so many things happening through the events of his trip, he had endured it all and survived, but came out

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