Lies In The Memory Keeper's Daughter

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Lying occurs constantly as an excuse or a way out of a situation. Lying can also be used to seek an easier solution out of a problem or scenario. Whether people lie in a blatant way, or just secretly, by the end of the situation someone is always affected by it. In the novel The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards, lies are always being told to solve problems more easily. Throughout the novel, lies like the death of David's new born baby, Phoebe, have an impact on every main character f, as they see their lives turned around for the worst. Whether it is the fact that lying affected David's character, or that it ended Carolines's young life short, or even ended David's relationship with Norah, lying always ends up affecting someone in the end of it. The secret David withholds from Norah about Phoebe, affects Davids relationships and characters with the loved ones closest to him. …show more content…

When David does this, he thinks that he would give Norah a better life as she would not be as sad and stressed with Phoebe, but in the process of doing so, David's character becomes a whole new person as he has to become more quiet and isolated from soceity. After work David would not talk as much, and would try to stay distant from Norah. “Yet now, after a year of marriage, she hardly knew him at all” (Edwards 51) Because David tries keeping this secret to him self, it causes him to ruin his own life by changing who he is so his wife could live happier. He tries his hardest to have the best for Norah, but gets the worse for himself all due to fear of his wife finding out. David Henry tries to give Norah the best she deserves, and did not want to lose Phoebe at a young age to devastate her. Although David tried his hardest for everything to become perfect, in the end of it all, the lie he withholds creates more damage and grieve then what would have occurred by keeping

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