David Anointed King

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1. Why is David anointed King well before the time that he ascends the throne? What is the purpose of this? What did it lead to?
A: He was anointed early because God wanted to test him. Knowing that you are meant to be King but also having to go through rough times before it happens was a way of teaching David to humble himself before God. God was trying to prepare him so he would be a good ruler and not follow in the footstep of the Saul. It led to people respecting David and it also lead to David teaching others how to do the right thing.
2. What’s in David’s past and history that prepares him to ascend to the throne?
A: David is not a person that people would expect to be called by God. He was just a young shepherd and probably felt as …show more content…

"God has a university. It's a small school. Few enroll; even fewer graduate. Very, very few indeed" (p. 15). What does this mean for you?
A: God’s university is all the people who claim to have a calling over their lives. Few people graduate because few of these people have actually heard from God. The only people who graduate are the people who have truly been anointed by God and understand the plans he has for their …show more content…

Why did David run away from Saul instead of standing his ground and taking what was promised?
A: David ran because it was not his time to take the throne. If he would have killed Saul he would have been moving to quickly and he would not have had enough time to grow and develop into the person God wanted him to be.

7. Why doesn’t David contest with Absalom for his kingdom? After all, Absalom is in rebellion to proper authority.
A: David does not contest because he knows his time is up as King. He knows that it is God's decision what happens next and not his.

8. How are Saul and David different? Why was David considered to be a man after God’s own heart?
A: Saul hid behind his sin and let his sin rule his life. He could not own up to the wrong he has done. Since David was after God’s heart, he confessed his sin and took ownership of his mistakes. David sought after God and wanted to please him so he did what was needed to please God.

9. Are you David? Saul? Or Absalom? Perhaps your combination of all? Give yourself percentages of where you are (not where you would like to

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