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The prophet Samuel was a miracle child. God hears Hannah’s petition and opens her womb. Samuel is also a Nazarite (1 Sam. 1:11) from the line of the Levites (1 Sam. 1:1) and he is a priest (1 Sam. 7:9). In addition, he is the last of the Judges and a prophet (Acts 3:24, 1 Sam. 3:1) instead of Eli’s sons (2:12, 3:13). That is quite a resume!

The author portrays Samuel as a unique and pivotal character in the history of Israel. He reminds me of John the Baptist who shamelessly and fearlessly spoke the words of God without worrying about his stature or reputation. The Bible says, "But Samuel ministered before the LORD, even as a child, wearing a linen ephod: Meanwhile the child Samuel grew before the LORD: And the child Samuel grew in stature, and in favor both with the LORD and men." (I Samuel 2:18,21,26) …show more content…

In fact, it was demanded (1 Sam. 8:5). Saul was the first king and was described as “head and shoulders above the rest,” but did not have a righteous heart. He is eventually passed over and his line was never meant to inherit the kingdom (1 Sam. 9:1-5). It was then that God asked Samuel to appoint David as the next king (1 Sam. 16:1-13). Saul tried to live on his own terms. Samuel regretted that he had annointed him and told him, “to obey is better than sacrifice” (1 Sam. 15:22). However, Saul was weak and mostly ineffective as a king. In the end, he received no answer for his prayers and even consulted a witch for

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