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July 18th, 1970 is where Robert’s story begins…Weighing in at 8 lbs. 15 ozs. Robert was born in one of the most well-known hospitals in called Brooklyn Jewish Hospital. Born to hearing impaired parents Edith & Robert Woodside, they brought up Robert Jr. and his younger brother Ty the best way they knew how. Robert always felt somewhat different from the group of friends he grew up with being that he was raised differently and learning how to speak sign language at an early age was what he didn’t realize would always be a Blessing and not be the curse he forever felt. Robert was also blessed to be born into loving families on both sides of his parents. Everyone in his family helped out and contributed priceless times, Strong love and Prayers to support each other in times they most needed it. Having a strong love for family, he always stayed connected and in tune with the family roots. One of his strongest attributes that he still stands
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He was integrated from the private school setting into the public-school system. He became more involved with the neighborhood kids who were more advance with the street business. Robert became curious and thought he could be a great asset after being introduced to “the Game”. He wanted more out of life and to enjoy the abundance of good things the way his parents and other family members were supporting him. His attitude quickly became “by any means necessary” he wasn’t going to be left behind. He was going to have more in life one way or another. Of course, the path to obtain those things wasn’t clearly defined, which eventually caused more setbacks than visible progress. More on that later in the

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