Compare And Contrast Bernini's David And Michelangelo

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David is a topic from the Old Testament, which is widely repeated and done by many artists. David is a story where it shows that not only does strength wins in a battle but also wits. Each artist depicts David in different views and moments, like Michelangelo who is an Italian sculptor painter, architect, and poet of the High Renaissance, another is Gian Lorenzo Bernini who is an Italian architect and sculptor, and he was credited with creating the Baroque style of sculpture. Although both artists depicted David, but each one had different style where Bernini’s is more expressive then Michelangelo’s. Looking at both sculptures of David, there are some similarities which can be noticed. One of the clearest similarities is that both artists …show more content…

¬¬As Michelangelo’s David is made in years 1501-04, and is detailed from the penetrating veins, furrowed brows and the muscles, we can know that this sculpture was made during the High Renaissance, as in this period it is known to be during fifteen hundreds, and that in this period they make their art more detailed than in ancient Greek and Rome to make it look more realistic. On the other hand as Bernini’s David is made during 1623-24, extra details in both face and drapery, and the movement depicted, we can know that this sculpture was made during baroque art period, as in this period they used exaggerated motion and details to produce drama, tension, and grandeur in art, and is known to be during sixteen hundreds. In conclusion, as Bernini’s David is made during the Baroque period, where it used to be more detailed and highlights motion, as we noticed in the sculpture; unlike Michelangelo’s David which is made during the renaissance period, where it used to be detailed but not much and didn’t depict movements. From those differences that are between both sculptures and there periods we can determine that Bernini’s David is more expressive than Michelangelo’s

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