Comparing Sacrificing In Tyrell And A Doll's House

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Sacrificing can lead to issues even when someone is only trying to help or solve a problem; sacrificing isn't worth it when someone ends up in a worse situation than they were in before, what's the point of helping someone just to make things worse for themselves. After reading the books Tyrell and A Doll’s House. I have came to a conclusion that in most cases sacrificing for the sake of yourself or even someone else can cause someone to have more problems or an even bigger problem than what they had before they tried to fix the bad situation. People should take in consideration all of the possible outcomes of a situation before they go ahead and make a sacrifice, whether it’s a sacrifice for themselves or if it’s helping someone else. In literature and also in real life, People often make sacrifices for the betterment of themselves; however, this can often ruin significant relationships between family members; this shows up in A Doll’s House and Tyrell.

When someone stops sacrificing for another person and only starts sacrificing for themselves, the other person feels as if the person sacrificing has done harm to them. Most people decide to sacrifice for another person …show more content…

In A Doll’s House Nora sacrificed her life for Helmer by forging her father's signature on a loan, so her husband can relieve some stress. Helmer still never sacrificed anything for Nora and just felt as if she was just there for him and was always going to be. Robert Holden who has a Phd and writes for Oprah says that “Finding a balance between what you give and what you get in your relationships is essential to your happiness”. Nora and Helmers relationship has a one sided sacrificial position, therefor their relationship doesn't

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