David Koresh Case Study

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David Koresh Teaching followers. Koresh preached he was the Messiah and that if his followers obeyed his words, they would enter with him into the kingdom of heaven.
The Davidians compound was located in Waco Texas. Here, Koresh led the end of his reign and prepared for "apocalyptic" measure with fire arms and other alleged materials.
David Koresh
The home for the Davidians a compound in Waco, Texas. It was a trailer like compound surrounded by nature. A desert area secluded from society. I believe the setting was this way to prevent outside influence and interaction. This would create an controllable atmosphere for David and the Davidian leaders.
Cult members join because they seek truth, social approval, love or something to believe in. Part of these factors is also the feeling of truly believing what you're told. Cult members act in ways to appease their leaders and achieve, what are seen as, superordinate goals. Koresh's ultimate goal was to teach the "preachings and prophecies" of God as he believed he was a prophet himself.
Aftermath has shown a great belief that Koresh's own goal was to bring superiority upon himself along with attention. This meant that anything Koresh said and commanded was holy to the Davidians.
David used his power to convince and command women of various ages that …show more content…

As David was the leader, his word was law. It was believed that God spoke to him, so each spoken word coming from him was a message from God. A situation that led to the Davidians downfall was David's apocalyptic beliefs. He spoke of the world turning against the Cult and not accepting them. In response he obtained firearms, explosives and such. Deepening this one belief, David began to drill the boys and men to prepare them for what may come. Everything is centered around the leader in this case. His sight is the only of the cult. Every move is dependent upon what he

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