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  • Benefits Of Contextual Theology

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    proposal to discuss the Shoki Coe’s contextual theology represented another paradigm shift in the history after the Enlightenment. The emergence of Christian theology was based on the teaching of Jesus and the ideas from Judaism. The authors of the Gospels  and the biblical narrative of Saint Paul laid the foundation of the prototypes and the tradition of Christian theology. The Orthodox Theology was the result of the efforts by the first generation of the Godfather, Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas and

  • Jesus And The Father And Son Relationship In The Trinitarian Doctrine

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    JESUS AND HIS FATHER The key to the Trinitarian doctrine is the Father-Son relationship. In Christian theology, God is symbolised as a divine Father primarily because Christ is symbolised as the divine Son. Not the other way around. The Gospel of Mark describes Jesus as the Son of man and the Son of God. The contrast and connection are dramatically portrayed in the anguish of the Gethsemane prayer where Jesus begins: “ “ Mark 14:36.The untranslated Aramaic address to the heavenly Father, abba, seems

  • Being Consumed: Economics And Christian Desire By William T. Cavanaugh

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    Economics and Christian Desire, William T. Cavanaugh sets out to provide an analysis of one of the biggest present-day issues that many Christians grapple with from time to time, namely, . That is the issue of remaining in keeping towith Christian principles in a globalized free market economy. How does a Christian know whether the economic choices one makes are in keeping with Christian principles? Should this even be an issue? Isn’t the matter of economics completely separate from one’s Christian beliefs

  • Christianity: Behaviorism: Christianity And Morality

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    life as long as we believe in Him. The Lord accepts us as the flawed beings that we are and forgives us for our sins because of this perfect sacrifice (Smith). Christianity has several denominations within the broad religion, but the majority of Christians are divided between three sects: Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestants. Although each of these sects has slight variations, each of them still holds belief in the three basic tenants of Christianity. These main tenants are belief

  • Christian Symbolism Analysis

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    Reading Christian symbols is reading Christianity itself. There are various types of symbols which the Christian tradition proudly preserves. For our clarity we have marked two vast categories of symbols. Symbols of Christian religion and Symbols of Christian Theology. Symbols of Christian religion are symbols that are ritualistic, cultic, liturgical and literal. Symbols of Christian theology are deeper, metaphorical and symbolic in teaching the faith of Christianity from the ideological point of

  • Key Themes Of N. T Wright's How God Became King

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    involves the epicenter of practically the entire Bible, and thus the entire Christian message, there is no doubt that it is worth bringing to the table and clarifying. This then, is the point of the gospels that Wright is trying to get at: Jesus came to reestablish his kingdom. Wright begins by clearly stating the problem that he has with certain interpretations or ways of observing the gospels. His problem is that the Christian creeds do not seem to do a decent job of integrating both the

  • Blessed Be Meaning

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    Blessed be is a sacred term that has fallen into misuse in the modern days. Today the term is used many ways such as a greeting or farewell much like the Christian, God Bless you, to have a blessed day. The term is used to invoke the blessing of the divine in a person during a ritual and should not be used in a frivolous way. Over use of the term in the wrong context takes away the power of the term. The term is primarily used in the Wicca faith. It is used as a part of the Drawing Down the

  • The Cappadocian Father's Concept Of Personhood

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    The Cappadocian father's notion of personhood began as a way for the early Christians to explain the faith in an in a Triune God in the total ontological sense that would satisfy those who could not agree with this view mainly the Greek thinkers of the time[Zizioulas, 2011]. the Triune faith is the Christian understanding that God reveals himself as Father, son and Holy spirit[PADDISON, 2011]. This Christian view led to a change in thinking about personhood that at the time felt radical[Zizioulas

  • Evangelical Theology: The Shortcomings Of Indian Evangelical Theology

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    Theology in its literal meaning is referred to as the study of the nature of God and the religious belief. The term ‘evangelical’ refers to the sole authority of the open Bible. So the whole concept of ‘evangelical theology’ can be derived as the study of God and considering the Bible as the primary authority for the same. There were times when Indian theological thoughts were highly influenced by the Western theological articulations, which were mostly hostile to the Indian Society. Especially

  • Marriage Divorce And Divorce

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    Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage Introduction There are many Christians, who believe if one is divorced before becoming a Christian he or she has no problem for remarriage. These Christians claim this previous marriage means nothing, and in the sight of the Lord, it has absolutely no value. The question is, is this, a viable truth or a lie perpetrated by Satan as truth? This article will attempt to show what Scripture teaches about marriage, and let the individual reader decide for them-self. Marriage

  • Book Of Philemon Book Analysis

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    part of the Pauline letters. The Apostle Paul wrote many letters to various churches and devoted leaders of the Christian faith. The letter of Philemon is one of a private and personal intent to another Christian leader in Christ. It is from this letter we see the love Paul has for Philemon and Onesimus. Apostle Paul demonstrated a godly and righteousness perspective of how Christians are to work together when there maybe differences between brothers and sisters of the faith. From the letter of

  • The Importance Of Inadequacy

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    allowing us to know first-hand, how the people we are trying to reach are feeling in their present existence, thereby breaking down barriers and earning the trust of the people to whom we are hoping to minister. First, we must die to self, becoming Christians in the truest sense, seeing our vocations as giftings from God, given to us as tools for walking out our faith. We must clearly hear, without doubt, God speaking to us, proceeding only after we receive succinct instruction from our heavenly Father

  • Christianity: Christianity And The Beliefs Of Christianity

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    Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ died for our sins and God is the creator of life. The Bible belt is located in the south where strict fundamentalist Christians dominate life. Many beliefs of Christianity have been confused or misunderstood in some parts of the bible that they preach over Sundays, Wednesday nights, and even on some occasions Saturdays. Most verses in the bible that have been misunderstood include, gays and lesbians, judgement, love, and overall God. Studying such a powerful

  • John Calvin's On The Necessity Of Reforming The Church

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    During the time of Protestant Reformation within the Church, John Calvin, an influential religious reformer throughout Europe, having studied Martin Luther's teachings, decided to establish his own religious sect which has been described as a "theocracy." John Calvin being one of the most indisputable reformers in Church history, was very strict on upholding the teachings of Christ stated within the Scriptures as being the teachings of how to live our own lives of faith. According to Calvin, he explains

  • Critical Analysis: Forgiving Those Who Sin Against Us

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    abandon grudges and forgive others, forgive like God forgave you and not like how man never forgets and forgives. Let’s see how God forgives. Forgiving like God -The Prodigal son - Luke15:18-20. The parable of the Prodigal son is well known among Christians. A man has 2 sons, the younger son, came to the father and put a request before him. He wants his portion of the father’s possession that falls to him, when the father dies. The father granted him the request, illustrating that God sometimes permits

  • Fides Et Ratio: Pope St. John Paul II

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    “Fides ET ratio” which was written in 1998 by Pope St. John Paul the II to all the bishops to demonstrate the relationship between faith and reason. Pope St. John Paul the II wrote the encyclical to support and at the same time help the old Christian philosophy. "Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth; and God has placed in the human heart the desire to know the truth — in a word, to know himself — so that by knowing and loving God, men

  • Healthy Church Characteristics

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    the New Testament the word church is used nighty-five times. The mission of the local church is to bring people to Jesus and into the general Body of Christ. -Darrell Robinson Act 2:42 – 47 It would have been great to be a member of the first Christian church. During those times the church was an active educational program on Christ Jesus and the law. People were neither force nor manipulated into attending the church, all the members were devoted to the instructions and teachings of

  • Essay On When The Soul Leaves The Body

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    does the Soul leave the body? When and how the soul leaves the body is not really explained in the Christian faith, and the little there is, is vague. From a biblical perspective, when the soul leaves the body, then it’s presence with the Lord. Now if the soul is what gives life to the body, then it’s fair to say that when the body dies, the soul leaves the body. In medical science they have a term called Somatic death, which means the death of the entire body, the person is unconscious, which signifies

  • The Importance Of Faith And Reason In Pope John Paul II

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    Faith and reason are the two wings that help the man to rise to the truth. Faith and Reason (Fides et Ratio) are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth. This expression leads Pope John Paul II 's encyclical "Fides et Ratio". After reading this encyclical, I was amazed in how Pope John Paul II, in so few many words is able to synthesize the core of his letter, the subject of truth, something essential in life and history of men. Thus, as Pope John Paul II sponsors

  • The Gift Of Faith In The King James Bible

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    defined as a sense of trust. The gift of faith is closely related to the life and functioning of the church. Faith in the old testament In the King James Bible faith is presented by Paul as present at different levels of growth among believers, some Christians are weak in faith (Roms.14:1), whereas, others are strong in faith (Rom.15:1). Faith is grouped among gifts and virtues. It is presented as something that can grow (2 Cor.10:15) Faith is mentioned among gifts that edify believers in the church.