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  • The Trinitarian Doctrine Of God

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    JESUS AND HIS FATHER The key to the Trinitarian doctrine is the Father-Son relationship. In Christian theology, God is symbolised as a divine Father primarily because Christ is symbolised as the divine Son. Not the other way around. The Gospel of Mark describes Jesus as the Son of man and the Son of God. The contrast and connection are dramatically portrayed in the anguish of the Gethsemane prayer where Jesus begins: “ “ Mark 14:36.The untranslated Aramaic address to the heavenly Father, abba, seems

  • Summary Of The Bible Makes Sense By Bonhoeffer

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    How does Bonhoeffer speak to the opposite extreme? That is, what does the call to Christian community mean to the introverted anti-social Christian? Can a person live just as much of a fulfilled life for the Kingdom through engrossing one’s self into theological study and writing to inspire the populace without actually interacting with humanity? We can see in the epistles of the Bible that often the apostles took this position when they were isolated in exile from the community, proving that one

  • Firmicus Summary

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    movement discusses six pagan formulas and contrasts them with Christian doctrine (18-27; and the concluding third movement presents Firmicus’ explicit theological appeal for the eradication of paganism (28-29). Throughout, Firmicus’ offensive features relentless internal critiques—which call out conflicting, false, and multiple genealogies of pagan gods—and external critiques—which show the inferiority of pagan religion in comparison to Christian religion.

  • Confirmation In The Twelfth Century

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    the general term “sacrament” was getting broader and more vague. So, the Second Council of Lyons stated that “there were only seven official sacraments of the church” (108). The explanations were then laid out and became more uniform and standardized. We can attribute Thomas Aquinas for our modern-day discussion and understanding of the sacraments. Confirmation is one of the seven critical rituals that christians undergo in their spiritual journey. It is “a special moment when Christians consciously

  • George Marsden's Analysis Of Christ And Culture

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    of its usefulness in its present form. Marsden, as a historian, is aware of how Niebuhr’s historical setting influenced his work. Christ and Culture was written right after the horrors of World War II; because of this Niebuhr wanted to show how Christian influences could make a positive contribution toward tolerance. He addressed the accusation that “Christianity has made no positive contribution… to civilization or to culture” by developing the typology we have been studying (6). However, because

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Christian Sociology

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    sceptical as to whether a Christian Sociology is possible, let me explain. Barger (1982:3) defines Christian Sociology as “the systematic study of the social order that, in its theory, methodology and reporting is explicitly related to the framework of understanding that is identifiably Christian.” Furthermore, Barger (1982:3) mentions that “Christian Sociology begins in the values which guide the sociologist in her work.” I agree that it is possible for sociology be to ‘Christian’ in its values, in its

  • Blessed Be Meaning

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    Blessed be is a sacred term that has fallen into misuse in the modern days. Today the term is used many ways such as a greeting or farewell much like the Christian, God Bless you, to have a blessed day. The term is used to invoke the blessing of the divine in a person during a ritual and should not be used in a frivolous way. Over use of the term in the wrong context takes away the power of the term. The term is primarily used in the Wicca faith. It is used as a part of the Drawing Down the

  • B F Skinner's Theory Of Behaviorism

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    human choice. Christians term this idea with the name “predisposition”. The belief in predisposition is that God has a plan for each and every one us and that individuals do not have control over their own lives, rather, that everything is predestined for them. Predisposition echoes the idea in Behaviorism that Skinner outlines, that we are unable to truly make personal decisions. Proverbs 3:5 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” Christians choose to

  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer's 'Cheap Grace'

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    Dietrich Bonhoeffer Questions 1. What does Bonhoeffer mean by the term “cheap grace”? Factually, By the term “cheap grace” Bonhoeffer was referring to a multitude of things. Quoted from his book, Cost of Discipleship, he said “The preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without Church discipline,” are among many phrases he used to describe “Cheap Grace.” He also used phrases like “Communion without confession,” and “absolution without contrition.” He after stated that

  • How God Became King Analysis

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    involves the epicenter of practically the entire Bible, and thus the entire Christian message, there is no doubt that it is worth bringing to the table and clarifying. This then, is the point of the gospels that Wright is trying to get at: Jesus came to reestablish his kingdom. Wright begins by clearly stating the problem that he has with certain interpretations or ways of observing the gospels. His problem is that the Christian creeds do not seem to do a decent job of integrating both the ends and

  • Christian Apologist Research Paper

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    You are confusing the definitions of apologists and scholars. The apologists only goal is to defend his opinion. Not to pass on knowledge that I believe is an evangelist 's job. No, you are confusing a term with its application; a Christian apologist is first and foremost an evangelist. Your analogy is also slightly off track. If you are comparing your maths teacher to an apologist is believe the correct comparison would be that the apologist is a teacher that does not follow the textbook

  • Rabbi David Chernoff's Messianic Judaism

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    beliefs of the followers of these religions, the traditions that they uphold, and the identity of their respected ancestors. Fisher describes Judaism as, “ having no single founder and central leader group making theological decisions.” In religious terms, Jews are those who experienced their long and often difficult history as a continuous dialogue with God. In a religions sense, Israel refers to all those who answer the call of God, through the Torah or teaching given to the patriarchs, Moses, and

  • Heresies In The Early Church

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    The Heresies of the Early Church The Christian Church has been threatened time after time because of heresies made throughout history. A heresy in Christianity is any declaration that clearly defies Christian doctrine. While heresies are still common today, their roots date back to early beginnings of the Church, and they ultimately gave the Christian Church a strong foundation to stand on. Without these dangers to the faith, the Church would not have solidified its doctrine until later, which could

  • Paul Of Tarsus Essay

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    Timothy, to visit them on his behalf. Christianity then spread throughout the Roman Empire. Paul 's greatest long-term impact lay in his letters, which were often written to deal with specific problems that had arisen. These letters were accepted very early as authoritative statements about Christian belief and conduct. Paul, through his teaching and writing, helped to consolidate Christian beliefs. He took the teachings of Jesus, explained them, and applied them to new situations that arose in churches

  • The Art Museum Trip Analysis

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    The art museum trip depicts some of the symbolic of the various religion for the Christians and Islamic. The various pieces which stood had different meanings. It can be perceived that each of the poses which are portrayed by such pieces carries out some crucial meaning which ought to be understood by the religions. It might be historical events as well as communicating something to the people, such a religion. Religion description comprises the acceptance of appropriate symbols by a particular

  • Letter From Birmingham Jail Questions

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    addition, King believes that the clergymen that he is addressing are “men of genuine good will” and King responds in “patient and reasonable terms.” It can be argued that King speaks in a condescending manner to the clergyman throughout the letter, as one usually speaks to children in a patient and understanding manner. Since King is a devout Christian and a Christian leader, he constantly references the Bible to show his expertise and to establish his authority. He uses the quote “an unjust law is a

  • The Importance Of Inadequacy

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    allowing us to know first-hand, how the people we are trying to reach are feeling in their present existence, thereby breaking down barriers and earning the trust of the people to whom we are hoping to minister. First, we must die to self, becoming Christians in the truest sense, seeing our vocations as giftings from God, given to us as tools for walking out our faith. We must clearly hear, without doubt, God speaking to us, proceeding only after we receive succinct instruction from our heavenly Father

  • Qualitative Analysis Of Christian Worldview

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    Introduction In this week’s paper a qualitative analysis will be given from a Biblical/Christian worldview. Fisher (2013) notes, that Biblical Christianity is absolute and that God is the source of all truth, power, authority and in the long run bares a social responsibility to man What is a worldview? A Worldview is a presuppositions of assumptions which may be true, partially true, or entirely false, which we hold consciously or subconsciously consistently or inconsistent about the basic make-up

  • James Twitchell's Branded Nation

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    College Inc., and Museumworld, author James Twitchell suggests that modern Christianity falls into a “merchandising system” (Twitchell), in which the brands (churches) become aware of the demands of the consumers (church-goers) (Hanson). As the Christian religion evolves, churches have become aware that denominations are no longer a vital selling point to consumers site. In return, churches have become nondenominational, which has given churches a new way to brand themselves without having to fall

  • Being Consumed: Economics And Christian Desire By William T. Cavanaugh

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    Economics and Christian Desire, William T. Cavanaugh sets out to provide an analysis of one of the biggest present-day issues that many Christians grapple with from time to time, namely, . That is the issue of remaining in keeping towith Christian principles in a globalized free market economy. How does a Christian know whether the economic choices one makes are in keeping with Christian principles? Should this even be an issue? Isn’t the matter of economics completely separate from one’s Christian beliefs