Lady Of Guadalupe And The Noahic Covenant

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Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Virgin of Guadalupe, who appeared four times to Juan Diego. There are two covenant’s God creates the Mosaic covenant and the Noahic covenant. Guadalupe is a combination of the Noahic covenant over the Mosaic covenant. The first covenant God creates is the Mosaic covenant, which includes blessings, and curses. This covenant is conditional and would set Israel away from all other nations. Cross justifies this with a quote from Exodus “Now, if you obey me completely and keep my covenant, you will be my treasured possession among all peoples, though all the earth is mine. You will be to me a kingdom of priests, a holy nation” (Cross 114). This quote means that the people must comply with God or else it is invalid. …show more content…

She shows relationality through the Mosaic while compared to the Noahic she presents herself in an unconditional way. When God saved Israel from their enemies, it is just like in the Guadalupe covenant when Juan Diego wishes to start his inequality. Within this she foreshadows the covenant by acknowledging the equality of the wronged and enslaved. Guadalupe is compared to a rainbow because it shows love, rebirth, and creation. Cross states that “She echoes God’s love of creation seen in the Noahic covenant and initiates the transformation of Juan Diego” (Cross 117). With this Juan begins to show love to Guadalupe and himself. Guadalupe wants to be the mother of all children; this highlights the covenant with Juan Diego and all the children on the New World. Overall Guadalupe exposes a covenant of “unconditional love with each of us and with all of the cosmos a covenant that is reaffirmed every time we see her picture and experience her presence” (Cross 121). This means that every time we see her that we should know that she loves us unconditionally. Guadalupe is similar to the Mosaic covenant when she wishes to become a protagonist of the Nican mopohua. Guadalupe doesn’t make her covenant like the Mexican nation or with Christian supporters; it is more like the Noahic covenant because it is a covenant with the

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