Orthodox Judaism And Reform Judaism: Similarities And Differences

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Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world. Over the years, Judaism has evolved into many different denominations. This separation between Jews is mostly because of their different interpretations of the scriptures. These different denominations range from extremely orthodox and traditional to very liberal and flexible. Orthodox Judaism is as true to the traditional Judaism as it gets. Reform Judaism still has many common features with Jewish roots but has also made quite a few adaptations. Orthodox Judaism and Reform Judaism have many similarities and differences. Orthodox Jews are the fundamental and most conservative form of Judaism. They believe that the written and oral Torah are both divine and must be precisely adhered …show more content…

Both denominations come from the same basic Jewish roots. Although they interpret the Torah differently, they both read from the same text and believe the Torah was the revelation that Moses received from God when he was at the top of Mount Sinai. The majority of holidays and major celebrations are also shared between both forms of Judaism. For example, they both celebrate the Sabbath weekly expect for the Orthodox it is on Saturday and for the Reform it has been moved to Sunday. Therefore, these similarities help show that both of these forms of Judaism essential came from the same roots and background. In conclusion, it is evident that although both of these denominations are a part of Judaism, there are many differences between them. Overall, one of the main differences between Orthodox Jews and Reform Jews is Reform Jews focus more on the ethics and moral of Judaism compared to the Orthodox who focus on strict rituals, commandments, and practices. Neither form of Judaism is better than another, they are simply meant for different people. Judaism is a religion filled with a variety of different beliefs and interpretations, but it is still a very popular belief system that is recognized

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