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Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was an American serial killer who murdered 17 men and boys with the majority of the murders occurring in Milwaukee Wisconsin. His murders were acts of necrophilia, dismemberment and cannibalism. In 1991 Dahmer’s had started killing one victim a week. It was not until Dahmer was unable master his 18th victim, Tracy Edwards, that he was caught It was then that Dahmer’s deadly secrets were found and led police to uncover the murders through pictures and trophies kept by Dahmer.
What many people have always wanted to know before the court case was why Jeffrey Dahmer committed the gruesome crimes and what lead him to his acts and why the lack of police work caused officers to miss the opportunity of stopping Jeffrey Dahmer …show more content…

After drinking and engaging in sexual acts, Dahmer killed his first victim and buried him in the backyard of his dad’s home. Over the years, Dahmer became an alcoholic and even more disassociated from society. Before Dahmer was convicted for multiple murders, he had several run-ins with the law exposing himself in public. He was arrested after being charged for drugging and sexually molesting a teenage boy and. His sentence was lessened and he was placed on 5 years probation and was on probation at the time of his arrest for the murders of his …show more content…

He was given a sentence of five years probation, one year at a work release camp, and was required to register as a sex offender.
One encounter with a 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone. The teen was seen roaming the streets naked and confused trying to escape. When police arrived, paramedics and the two women who reported the incident with Sinthasomphone and Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer told police that Sinthasomphone was his 19-year-old lover who was drunk and that the two were arguing. They took the Sinthasomphone boy back to Dahmer’s apartment where Dahmer later killed him.
The day Dahmer was arrested, he had invited Tracy Edwards into his home. When inside Dahmer forced Edwards into the bedroom by knife point. Edwards was able to escape to the streets and wave down a police car. When the police went to Dahmer’s apartment to investigate, when they entered the bedroom to search for the knife Edwards claimed Dahmer used, they discovered pictures of dead bodies and dismembered limb. Because the evidence was in plain sight, it allowed the officers to arrest

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