Jeffrey Dahmer Essay

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Jeffrey Dahmer ~was born in 1960, Jeffrey’s father was not around much because of his job. When Jeffrey was at the age of four he was diagnosed with a double hernia. The operation scared him letting doctors explore his body. His experience is said to have marked his subconscious forever. He became very insular and lacking in self-confidence. By his early teenage years Dahmer was tense, disengaged, and was friendless. When he was at the age of fourteen he was very compulsive towards sexual intercourse. Jeffrey was made fun of his high school year, he was very weird that no one wanted to be around him. He graduated high school in 1978 and by that time his parent’s had got a divorce. The next year Dahmer went to Ohio State University, but dropped…show more content…
Jeffrey Dahmer was caught because one of his victims had escaped, when the victim left the apartment he then found a police officer and told him what happened. Dahmer agreed to get the key for the handcuffs he had put on his victim.. When the officer walked into Dahmer 's bedroom with him he saw pictures every where of parts of the human body and a refrigerator full of human skulls. That 's when they decided to go ahead and put Dahmer under arrest. The police quickly began a search on the apartment. there was a awful smell coming from his apartment. He had invited a police officer into his house to have a drink, the officer smelled something grossed later they came back and put him into custody. The officers had gone through boxes to find disturbing things in there such as: human heads and three bags of organs, chemicals skulls, painted skulls, skeleton, dried scalp, tools various videos blood soaked mattress and blood splatters and a King James Bible and they went through box after box collecting evidence. Jeffrey Dahmer was only charged with fifteen murders. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Jeffrey had written a one-hundred sixty page confession.. Dahmer was sentence to life he was sent to Columbia Correctional Institute in Wisconsin. After a while Jeffrey was use to the prison life and was a self-proclaimed born-again Christian.. Jeffrey was baptized May tenth nineteen ninety- four. Jeffrey was sentenced to fifteen life terms, a total of nine- hundred thirty seven years in
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