Jeffrey Dahmer Case

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Jeffrey Dahmer was a notorious serial killer who liked to pick up men in bars telling them he was a photographer and he wanted to take their picture. Once at his place he would offer alcohol and drug them so they could not get away. Dahmer was a sadistic sexual serial killer who liked to have control over his victims even after they were dead. Dahmer who would dismember his victims’ bodies often saving their skulls or other body parts also practiced necrophilia and cannibalism. Every article, report and case study about Dahmer always says the same thing; he was a withdrawn young man who had a drinking and no friends. His father thought something was wrong with him and his grandmother who also thought his behavior was strange and at one point …show more content…

One day in May, Sandra Smith a neighbor of Dahmers saw a young Laotian boy running down the street in his underwear bleeding and incoherent. Smith called the police and reported the incident. Dahmer who had chased the 14-year-old victim up the street was there when the police pulled up and he explained that the “man” was his boyfriend who was obviously drunk and upset with him but it had just been a silly quarrel. Despite the fact that this very young, naked, drunk, incoherent boy was running away from Dahmers apartment and despite the protests from Sandra Smith and her daughter who told the police, they felt the boy was afraid especially of Dahmer, the police helped Dahmer escort and the boy back to his …show more content…

If they had gone inside, they would have been knocked to their feet with the smell of a decaying body in Dahmers closet, morbid pictures of all his victims, 2 sculls in the frig and other body parts in jars. If they had run a name check, they would have found out that Dahmers was a registered sex offender. If they had tried to get the name of the young man, “the police would have discovered that he was the younger brother of the boy Dahmer was convicted of molesting years earlier” (,

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