My Friend Dahmer Book Analysis

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Derf Backderf is the author and creator of “My Friend Dahmer”. He was born and raised in Richfield, Ohio. Derf attended and graduated from Ohio State University. He has a degree in journalism. He has written other novels called “Punk Rock” and “Trailer Parks”. Derf is mainly focusing on is the mature audience because there are a few scenes in his book that a mature audience could handle to witness. Derf wants to address all the clues that his main character Dahmer was going through that the people who were around him that was overlooking that made him be known as the “The Milwaukee Monster”. Backderf wants his readers to analyze his art work, understanding the different type of tones, and the word choices that Derf demonstrated in his book. In his novel, Backderf used comics to describe how Jeffrey Dahmer was in his small town. In Prologue, on the front cover it shows a road. …show more content…

When Derf questioned himself saying “Why I didn’t try to get Dahmer help.” His purpose for saying that is because he was being critical to himself because if he had tried to seek Dahmer the help that he needed he would not have turned into a serial killer. Then Dahmer began to drink heavily to ease the pain that he was going through. Derf purpose to speak upon this was because he began to have sympathy for Dahmer because he is turning into an alcoholic. Additionally, when Dahmer went home his mother explained to him that she is filing for a divorce from his father and that she is taking his brother back to Wisconsin with her. Derf reason to use that text because it is sad because his mother was mainly focusing on her own problem and not his and on top of that his father moved out, his friends were going off to college and the only person that he mainly relied on is now living him. The author purpose for using tone in comic because he wants his readers to understand the sympathy that he had for Dahmer and show how much anger that Dahmer

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