Dear Martin By Nic Stone Book Analysis

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Imagine being a 17 year old African American kid always being judged just because of his skin color. Everywhere you go you feel like all eyes are on you, especially when you go to a school that only has eight black kids. That's exactly how Justyce McAllister felt in Dear Martin by Nic Stone. In the book, the main character Justyce goes through a lot of conflict involving his skin color. Even though he has a full scholarship at Braselton Preparatory Academy, and is a very smart student, he still gets judged. One important message that came from this book was don’t judge someone just because of their skin color. In the beginning of the book, there was evidence where someone was judged because of their skin color. In chapter 3, Justyce and some of his peers were in a discussion on the debate team. The topic they were talking about was Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence wrote a quote that all men are created equal. Doc (the teacher) asked his class if that was still true today. Jared, one of Justyce’s peers said yes and a lot of people disagreed. On page 25 when they were all in a argument Jared said, “Whatever. There are people on welfare strutting around in Air …show more content…

If people didn't judge someone because of their skin color, there wouldn't be so many shootings involved. When people see Jus they think he is a thug but what they don't know is that he got a full scholarship to Braselton Preparatory Academy. People should never judge someone just from their skin color because you don't know who that person is and what they have gone through. You just look at a person and automatically assume that they are bad when you know nothing about them. The people that have been judged because of their skin color now know that there will always be someone to bring you down but you have to keep your head high and not look

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