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  • Food In The Human Body

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    2.1 Human body Food, water and oxygen are life-sustaining substance essential to human life. Food provides both energy and the material needed for body cells. Nutrients are nourishing substances in food. These are needed for growth and development from childhood to entire life cycle for maintenance of body functions (Aguilera and Stanley, 1999). Food, water and oxygen are life-sustaining substance essential to human life. Nutrients are nourishing substances in food. These are needed for growth and

  • The Human Body: The Respiratory System

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    Introduction Human body is composed of eleven systems, where they all contribute together in order for human to survive. However all the systems are important, and the body cannot dispense any of them. Human body requires many factors from the external environment, Oxygen is one of these factors and human body cannot be survived without oxygen. However in this assignment we are going to study the system that is responsible about oxygen supplying to the human body and it is known as the Respiratory

  • The Cause Of Stress In The Human Body

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    Chapter 2: What causes stress around us What is Stress? As human beings, stress is a natural part of life and we all experience stress whether we like it or not, it is a simple fact of life. Stress is something that we cannot avoid. People often think of stress as too much mental or emotional pressure, but physiological or physical stress is also important. Stress affects how you feel, think, and behave as well as how your body works. In order to better understand stress, it is important that we

  • Social Norms Of The Human Body

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    such as our body. There are social norms about the human body that affect people’s perception of their body. The example of a norm about human body is, a person who smells bad has poor personal traits. Because of this norm, people do not want other people to think that they have bad traits so they wear perfumes. Therefore, their perception of their body is altered by the norm that is, they believe human body is supposed to smell neutral or nice. These norms declare some aspects of human body as socially

  • The Human Body: A Documentary Analysis

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    The worldly things are not good when they provide harm to you and your body. You should change with the world as it is moving too fast without slowing down for anyone but you don’t have to follow the world so religiously that you forget about your own priorities and your own health as your own health is the only thing that should matter to you. A human body is like a temple and one should treat it like a temple. The world is going towards modernization and it is not giving anyone any chance to stay

  • Endocrine System In Human Body

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    Human is a complex structure as many biological systems make human and animal life possible. There are many vital systems in human body that perform function necessary for survival. Among the many systems in human body the endocrine system is of utmost importance. Endocrine system is the bodily mechanism which is responsible for the secretion of certain hormones through the involvement of glands. Endocrine glands are the primary part of endocrine system which are as; thyroid, pituitary, pancreas

  • The Nacirema's Beliefs About The Human Body

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    Nacirema’s beliefs about the human body? a. First, write down the direct quotations regarding beliefs. Be sure to use quotation marks and note page numbers. “The fundamental belief underlying the whole system appears to be that the human body is ugly and that its natural tendency is to debility and disease.” (pg. 503) b. Next, write the beliefs using your own words. The Nacirema’s believe the human body is fragile and ugly, similar to how society views the human body today. The Nacirema and

  • Organic Meat Benefits The Human Body

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    The human being has consumed meat for thousands of years which has been part of the daily life. It would be very challenging for some people to stop consuming meat and would require a lot of effort since we found meat everywhere. It is true that meat provides nutrients that benefit the human body. Nevertheless, these benefits can only be provided by organic meat, because when you buy processed meat you are buying more than that. However, we let ourselves be carried away by the vitamins and minerals

  • The Nervous System In The Human Body

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    The Nervous System Introduction Did you know that the nervous system is considered one of the most complicated system in the human body? Without the nervous system, none of the other systems would function optimally. The nervous system is responsible for the control of and communication between different parts of the body. It interprets the things your body senses and sends the information to the muscles and glands, telling them what to do. It also takes care of the systems you do not think

  • The Importance Of Fitness In The Human Body

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    Fitness improves the quality of sex ADMIN JUNE 25, 2013 0 Fitness improves the quality of sex Endless possibilities of the human body. The only question is desire, desire and training. You can train your brain, increasing the intellectual load, it is possible to cultivate the art of love, loading the muscles and increasing self-esteem. Fitness improves the quality of sex “Sex and fitness have a lot in common. For example, both fulfill our needs. In the hierarchy of pleasures on the lowest level

  • The Brain: The Most Important Part Of The Human Body

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    our body , and it is one of the human body’s vital organs that are innate for survival, responsible for receiving and sending signals throughout our nervous system, also it is responsible for what we feel, what we hear, and how we perceive. In other words, it is the body’s control center. However, when our brain is not functioning properly, there’s nothing we can do even the smallest or simplest tasks or worse the body will

  • Nutrient In The Human Body

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    Human consume energies from food and drink that they takes everyday in our daily life. This diet are differentiated in small categories known as nutrient. Nutrient can be defined as component of same chemical composition that helps in support human life. Nutrient are important for the human body so that the body will get sufficient energy and healthy. The minimum requirement of nutrient in the body reflect the intake needed to maintain human body to work properly (Vanlauwe, Diels, Sanginga and Merckx

  • Essay On Human Body

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    The human body is an amazing thing made up of many different parts. These parts are cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems. For starters, one type of cell makes up one type of tissue. Next, two or more types of tissues make an organ. Then, a few organs working together make an organ system. Each of the organ systems in your body have a certain function, or job. Working together, all of these organ systems make up an organism. In other words, cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs, organs

  • Hypohydration In The Human Body

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    Human body consists predominantly of water. Approximately 95% for a embryo, 75% at the birth periode, decreases from 70 to 60% for an adult an adult and even 50% for an elderly person. In our body we have about hundred trillion cells so when we don’t bother to supply them with enough water, the cells simply dry up over time, then we are in a state call hypohydration. Hypohydration can cause some dysfunction of vital functions, organs and the like. Ultimately, one can expect to have diseases related

  • Cadmium Human Body

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    Effect of cadmium on human body: Adverse Effect of cadmium on bone: Effect of toxic cadmium on bone became evident when the disease Itai-itai outbreak in Japan, with the consumption of heavily cadmium polluted rice it causes renal and skeletal damage in women (Kjellstrom 1992). It causes great threat to human health due to its long retention in kidneys (Jarup et al.1998). Low amount also effects the skeleton(Alfven et al.2004; Staessen et al.1999). Either it effects kidneys or bones is still unclear

  • The 12 Body System In The Human Body

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    The human body consist of 11 body system that help the body functions these 12 body systems along with knowing how they function with the 7 major chakras can help you live a more balance and harmonious life. First let us learn about the 11 body system and there functions. 1. Circulatory System The circulatory system is the body transport system it is made up of a group of organs that blood throughout the body it deals with chakra 4 the heart chakra. 2. Digestive System The digestive system

  • The Human Body System

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    The human body is a compound and highly organised system which is formed of unique cells that act as a team to carry out the specific functions necessary for maintaining our daily life. Each organ in the human body is exceptionally vital. They protect us from harmful foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. They let us do things like breathing, talking, movements, and our ability to smell. The circulatory system dispenses oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, waste products, hormones and heat

  • Tissue In The Human Body

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    Introduction: Tissue types in human body. (Kent, 2000) Human body can be classified in many classes. The basic part is cell, cells combine together to make up tissue, tissues combine together to form organs which can work together making up human system and the human systems make up the entire human body. Tissues are group of cells (usually are similar cells) which held together forming common structure that provides the ability to work in union to carry out a specific function (Blueford and Davidson

  • Organs In The Human Body

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    The organs in a human body are made of a structure called tissue which is also made of cells with similar functions. Tissues are commonly categorized by the function of the cells that make them up. There are four types of tissues in the human body which are nervous, epithelial, muscular, and connective. The main components that make up nervous tissue are nerve cells or neurons. An important structure of nervous tissue are the neuroglial cells. Neurons are a specialized type of cell that receive and

  • Physiotherapy In The Human Body

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    The human body is affected by many health conditions throughout its time and one of the major problems is bodily pains. The human body is likely to suffer from injuries at any point in time whether a person takes necessary precautions or not. In today’s fast paced life and advancement in the medical field, “Physiotherapy” is one of the preferences given by the doctors. Physiotherapy is a vital technique to manage back and neck pain which the human body experiences. This therapy has become one of