Negative Effects Of Tbhq

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The key aspect discussed in this essay will be the negative implications of TBHQ, both physically and morally. TBHQ has been associated with devastating consequences which consumers need to be aware of. This essay will analyze TBHQ, its working environment, why it is used, effects of TBHQ on the human body etc. TBHQ is commonly used in foods which people consume on a daily basis, but it is not given allot of attention to. This causes invisible dangers hiding in foods you consume every day. This chemical is commonly found in foods for a reason, it prevents the oncoming of rancidness and oxidation which preserves the food for extended periods of time. TBHQ is a preservative commonly used in foods, more specifically, it is an anti-oxidant which…show more content…
Anti-oxidative compounds/preservatives can be naturally found or synthetically produced in laboratories, since TBHQ is not naturally found, it is a large scale synthetically produced preservative (Marmesat, S., A. Morales, J. Velasco, and M.C. Dobarganes). TBHQ is not only used in foods, it is commonly found in aviation/normal fuel, food packing, make-up, paints, medicines, plastic etc. (Pennebaker, Holly.)( Race, Sharla)( BRUNDRETT, Ross, and Peta HELLARD.). TBHQ was created to try and address a problem, this problem was that most foods expired very quickly and therefore, the companies would have to throw away masses of food and they would have to be replaced with freshly produced foods. TBHQ, together with other preservative compounds, address this problem and enhance the shelf life of many foods by stabilizing damaged cells in the foods by donating cells to them. If those cells would not be stabilized or fixed, they would harm the food in ways which is commonly known as oxidation or expiration. This would cause discolorations in the food, bad smell, it often causes bad taste and…show more content…
Is it ethically correct to use TBHQ? How did they find out all the implications it presents itself with? Is TBHQ ethically correct? TBHQ is known for being tested on animals. it has been tested for possible side effect on animals such as rats. Even more frightening, these animals were later sacrificed and gutted for tests on their organs ("898. Butylhydroquinone, Tert...”). In some places, animal testing is required before putting new additives into foods. This requires the ‘torturing’ of animals and most likely the killing of them. Animal testing can be a very cruel process, in most cases animals get harmed during the process ("Product Testing: Toxic and Tragic."). So is this ethically correct? On the other hand, what would happen if we wouldn’t use animals to test the new products on such as TBHQ. Most likely if we hadn’t used animal testing for TBHQ, people would have suffered themselves from the consequences. Can we permit to eat substance of which we don’t know the effects? TBHQ has been tested on animals but this prevented many people to be harmed. We consume many deadly products a day, sometimes even without knowing it. Can we allow this, but who knows how much better/worse it would be without these products. TBHQ allows more people across the world to have acces to fresh/non-rotten food. This is because without these preservatives, foods would expire before we would be able to

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