Animal Testing Unethical

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Animal testing has become a double-edged sword topic all around the world. Researchers believe that it is morally ethical to conduct extreme research procedures on animals when it is unethical to conduct on humans. Research is responsible for many medical breakthroughs and an important factor to the development of medical advances is the inclusion of animals in research. Medical research with the help of animal testing has prevented hepatitis B, measles, etc. (Karayiannis et al. 2004). Although testing on animals is not morally ideal, product safety assurance, disease control, and veterinary studies all depend on animal-testing.
Without animal testing, almost every product distributed in the world would be based on theory. No one would buy a product that could potentially damage eyes, be cancerous or cause any type of harm. Cosmetics are often tested for skin irritation using rabbits as test animals in Ethiopia. Rabbits are a suitable model since they have value in predicting skin irritancy. The study concludes that these cosmetics were highly toxic and dangerous if used on human skin (Amasa et al. 2012). By using animals that do not have long life-span, human life is not at potential risk to irritation, redness or dizziness. …show more content…

Polio, a disease that causes paralysis and death in children, was a cause of moral panic around the world. Research was done on the disease in monkeys to understand the effects of polio and vaccination that can reduce the number of cases. After the research done on monkeys, in 1988 the cases of polio decreased by 99% (Prikazsky et al. 2005). Another vital reason for animal testing is the discovery of insulin. Experiments in which dogs had their pancreases removed let directly to the discovery of insulin, critical to saving many lives of diabetics (Sako et al.

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