Should Animal Testing Be Banned Essay

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Animal testing indicates supporting human beings through using another species for our human benefits. It’s been seen as an unethical action, something cruel; due to the fact that we take away the animal freedom. However, if we weren’t to use animal testing, the medicines and cosmetics we use today wouldn’t have been known to be safe. Yet, it should be considered to see whether it is ethically right to let animals suffer only because of our own influences. Even though it would be very reasonable to get rid of animal cruelty, it wouldn’t only indicate the banning of animal testing, but also the preventing of the production of clothing and the provision of food such as the meat of an animal Even though there are many reasons for claiming animal testing to be wrong, scientists don’t stop to use animals for medicines and scientific research. Moreover, big companies also use animals to test for cosmetics. Furthermore, it could be stated that using animals for cosmetics is ‘more’ morally wrong than using them for scientific research and testing of new medicines, due to the fact that cosmetics aren’t necessary for our living and well-being. So when arguing about animal testing, it could be considered that there are two…show more content…
It allows us to test whether medicines are safe, and this therefore would provide us more knowledge about our health and how we can solve possible diseases. However, I believe that as long as we use animals for information and a greater understanding in science, it should be acceptable under the right conditions and standards. This indicates that the animals should not be hurt severely, and as the activists claim, an animal should be put to sleep if they are majorly injured. Lastly, I do not think it is fair to use the animals for cosmetics. Injuring a species just for our beauty or hygiene would be selfish and too immoral to be ethically
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