Is Animal Testing Necessary Essay

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Many people have different ideas on animal testing and if it is or is not appropriate for medical research. Many disagree, but there are some that think it’s necessary for testing to be done. Animal testing is necessary because it helps develop life saving medical treatments for not only humans, but animals, and it helps determine how medicine will react to the human body. Animal testing is appropriate for medical research because testing helps develop life saving medical treatments for humans. Without testing, scientist wouldn’t have found ways to help people with breast cancer or childhood Leukemia. Leukemia used to be a death sentence with a survival rate of 4%, but now, because of testing, there is an 80% chance of survival. These odds are much more pleasant than the ones before research. People have gotten help for many diseases because of the research and testing done on animals. Not only does testing help humans, it also leads to developing life saving medical treatments for animals as well. Now it’s possible to get not only your common house pet, but also wild animals treatment to protect them against Rabies and Parvovirus. Parvovirus is a very deadly disease for …show more content…

A very good example of why we need to test on animals is the Thalidomide Disaster. In the 1950s-60s The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ran tests to determine if it was safe to use. The Thalidomide drug was given out to pregnant women to help cure morning sickness. Instead of helping, it killed many babies, and approximately 15,000 babies were born with limb defects. This drug was tested on animals, but all the necessary test were not ran to insure the safety of consumer. After the side effects were discovered the FDA went back and researched the drug, and it was discovered that it causes defects across a wide range of species. Because of this catastrophe now it’s mandatory to do all the test before a product is

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